WindClan is one of the five Clans in the Warriors series.

Habitat: Moor
Traits: Traits
Current Leader: Leader
Previous Leader: Leader
Current Deputy: Deputy
Previous Deputy: Deputy
Medicine Cat
Current Medicine Cat: Medicine Cat
Previous Medicine Cat: Medicine Cat


When Crookedkit wants to travel to the Moonstone, he knows he has to travel through WindClan territory. He starts his quest when he scents Fallowtail nearby. She starts getting nervous, scenting a cat from her own Clan, and then Crookedkit can scent a WindClan warrior, Reedfeather, nearby. Fortunately for them, Crookedkit thinks Fallowtail is on a mission from Hailstar, and he doesn't question them. Later, he finds the WindClan border, and he charges through, walking all the way past the territory undetected. After his journey to the farm and back, Beetlepaw scoffs that he probably didn't even make it to WindClan.

Later, when Crookedkit is out picking coltsfoot for Brambleberry, a WindClan patrol spots him. Two of the warriors retreat, and Reedfeather alone asks to be brought to camp to speak with Hailstar. As Reedfeather talks to Hailstar, he says he wants to take his kits home. Fallowtail desperately cries that he can't, and the Clan is shocked and silent, now knowing that Willowkit and Graykit are half-Clan. Reedfeather says they are as much as his kits as they are of hers, and Fallowtail becomes silent. Finally, she says she can't let the Clan suffer for her mistake, and Reedfeather brings his kits home. At the next Gathering, tensions rise when Ottersplash mutters that kits were stolen. A WindClan warrior turns and says they weren't stolen, they were just taken home. Beetlenose mentions that he's glad Fallowtail's not here, and Reedfeather says to let her come next time, as he'd like her to know how much the kits prefer eating rabbit to fish. Beetlenose argues, but Hailstar calms things down. Hailstar later launches a patrol to get the kits back in the dead of the night. WindClan resists heavily, and even though they outnumber the RiverClan warriors, Hailstar and his patrol gets away with the kits, almost killing Reedfeather while they are at it. Reedfeather gets up and says the kits aren't worth that much to fight over, and he goes back to the WindClan camp. WindClan never bothers RiverClan about the kits again. When Crookedjaw and Brambleberry need to go to the Moonstone, Talltail, Reedfeather, and Dawnstripe escort them. After questioning the two cats, they let them pass. Bluestar's Prophecy

A ThunderClan patrol reports to Pinestar that WindClan scent has been found all over some squirrel blood inside ThunderClan territory. He refuses to battle because there is not enough evidence to prove it was WindClan. At the next Gathering, Pinestar warns all the Clans about this, and WindClan hisses angrily at him. Goosefeather predicts WindClan will cause ThunderClan's destruction from the way a vole's fur is flattened by the wind. He says that like a storm, WindClan will rage through the forest and destroy ThunderClan. Sparrowpelt convinces Pinestar to battle WindClan. Pinestar sees it as two choices: attack WindClan and risk destruction to ThunderClan, or not attack and be unprepared when WindClan attacks. He decides to fight them at dawn. ThunderClan makes all kinds of preparations to battle WindClan, even considering what to do if there is a counterattack. They know that they are bigger and heavier that WindClan, as they are speedy and nimble. Goosefeather later gets another prophecy in a piece of catmint buried inside fur: the only way to defeat WindClan is to destroy their medicine supply while they're at it. They attack the next morning, and WindClan is taken by surprise. However, WindClan has the knowledge of their camp and the territory, and they start to beat ThunderClan even though they are already at the medicine supplies. Hawkheart, the WindClan medicine cat, kills Moonflower, and ThunderClan retreats. At the Gathering, all the other Clans are shocked at how ruthless ThunderClan was in damaging the medicine den after the battle. WindClan sneers at ThunderClan, reminding them that this is a Gathering, and they can't fight. Then they say ThunderClan never cared much for the warrior code anyway. Heatherstar announces at the Gathering that WindClan has restocked their medicine supplies, and that the kits and elders have finally recovered from ThunderClan's attack. Sunfall growls at her, saying that ThunderClan only fought warriors. Heatherstar corrects herself then, explaining that the elders and kits have finally recovered from the shock of watching their kin being brutally attacked in their nests. She also says the Clan is well fed, but it is evident she is lying, as the warriors look skin and bone. Later, when Oakheart is made a warrior, WindClan cheers for him. When Bluefur is announced, only ThunderClan cheers. At the next Gathering, WindClan says they increased patrols to warn barn cats and kittypets to stay off their land. Pinestar turns the subject back to Clan rivalries, and WindClan, along with the other Clans, get mad. WindClan also says that kittypets rarely reach their borders, as they are too plump to catch rabbits. When Pinestar needs to go to the Moonstone, a WindClan patrol suspiciously checks them to make sure they haven't stolen any prey while crossing their land. During the next Gathering, Heatherstar states that WindClan has thrived during greenleaf, and they have never seen so many rabbits on the moors. She says they are making use of their bountiful gift. Oakheart later reveals that Windflight of ThunderClan used to be a WindClan cat, but WindClan wouldn't take him when they learned of his half-Clan heritage. Firestar's Quest

When Firestar has a dream of the ancient SkyClan going to a new home while passing the moors, he tells Cinderpelt about it, and Cinderpelt asks if he's sure it's not WindClan he's seeing. Firestar says no, as there's no trouble in WindClan anyway. At the next Gathering, Tallstar says that all is well in WindClan. Ashfoot has a new litter of three kits, and Onewhisker and Mudclaw chased off a fox who wanted to live on the moors. He gives a warning to Leopardstar, as they chased it into RiverClan territory, and Leopardstar dryly says that's just what they need. Firestar then decides to go rebuild SkyClan, and he has to get permission from WindClan to be led through and out of their territory. They allow him and Sandstorm to do so, but make sure he knows that he is not allowed without permission. When Sandstorm catches quite a few rabbits, Firestar teases her, saying that she must be a WindClan cat now. When Leafstar is getting her nine lives, Swiftstar, the leader of WindClan during SkyClan's exile, gives her one of her lives.

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