Project Create is dedicated to creating character art to go along with the description of a character article. Please post a join request on the talk page if you would like to join.

Leader: Paleh

Deputy: Splook

Senior warriors: None

Warriors: None

Apprentices: None

Elders (inactive members): None.

Please request to join on the talk page

Reserving a CharartEdit

For ApprovalEdit

Reservation Chart:
Username: Charart(s):
Splashpelt: Darkstripe (W) Dark Shadow on Water (TB)
Jose1106: Alderheart (MC)


Reservation Chart:
Username: Charart(s):
Feathermoon: None
Paleclaw: Hollyleaf (W), Cave-Guard Blanks, Rogue Blanks, , Queen Blanks, Brook (PH), Oakheart (W), Dovewing (W)
Splashpelt: None

Useful PagesEdit

Needed Chararts

Project Tutorial

User TutorialsEdit

Charart Tutorial by Paleclaw

Charart Tutorial by Splashpelt

Charart Tutorial by Leopardclaw

Charart Tutorial by Hollyheart_Medicine_Cat

Charart Tutorial by Cheetahstar123

Tweak week lists:Edit

Have a charart or two you know needs to be tweaked/redone? List it here!

  • Brook Where Small Fish Swim (PH), (W) - Needs to match her queen image and need less hot-pink earpink
  • Dovewing (W) - Needs shading blurred
  • Sandstorm (W) - Everything needs to be blurred, and stripes shouldn't go over the lineart
  • Honeyfern (W) - Needs to be light brown, not cream, and needs dapples
  • Scourge (R) - Needs to be remade with the proper blank
  • Sorreltail (Ki) - Patches need to be blurred, white is placed in unatural places, shading needs to be added/defined, and eyes need to be amber, not yellow


These blanks are for Warriors theory Wiki only. Please do not use them on any other site without permission. Thank you.


To join the project, leave a new section on the talk page, and a senior warrior or other member shall add you in as soon as possible. When posting art, be sure not to post it at the bottom of of the page, or no one will see it. Be sure to sign your posts with four tildes, (~~~~) and never post rude or unkind comments on another user's art. Always use level 2 heading when posting, and I hope you will enjoy the project. --Local Administrator

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