Leader: Splashpelt

Deputy: Paleclaw

Senior Warriors: Feathermoon

Warriors: Sweetflower, Purplemoon

Elders (inactive members): none

Concerns for PC
We needs some nominations! Everyone, we can nominate two articles at a time for right now on short staff. Good luck everyone! ~Splashpelt

Project LinksEdit


Page LayoutEdit

Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Nominating ArticlesEdit

When you believe an article is ready to be nominated, create a new section on the Project talk page. The head should say Pagename - Bronze/Silver/Gold Nomination. When a lead believe the page is ready, they will CBN or Comments Before Nomination it, meaning they will give everybody 24 hours to comment on it before it goes to vote.


To grade a page, go to the talk page and add the following template;


Change the # symbol to either 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4.

0 = Planned. Basically any page that has absolutely nothing on it, but has been created. Also the default for pages that haven't been graded yet.

1 = Started. For pages with the basic layout and very little information added, but could still use a lot of work.

2 = Bronze. The earliest grade that must go through nominations. For articles that have the layout, a decent amount of information on them, and at least some cites, however could still be expanded.

3 = Silver.

4 = Gold.

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