Current: ShadowClan
Past: ThunderClan
Residence: Place of No Stars
Name: Kit: Tigerkit

Apprentice: Tigerpaw Warrior: Tigerclaw Deputy: Tigerclaw Leader: Tigerstar

Tigerstar is a huge, dark brown tabby tom with pale amber eyes.


Bluestar's ProphecyEdit

Tigerkit is born to Pinestar and Leopardfoot,along with Nightkit and Mistkit.Leopardfoot states that at first he was the weakest of the litter,than he became the storngest.Snowfur and Bluefur are worried that Tigerkit is a very bad influence on Whitekit.Later,Goosefeather mutters that he's sorry to StarClan by letting Tigerkit live,and that Tigerkit should have died with his sisters.Thistleclaw is made Tigerpaw's mentor when he becames six moons old.Tigerpaw,Thistleclaw and Bluefur find a kittypet named Tiny in ThunderClan territory.Bluefur says that he is only kit,but Thistleclaw ask Tigerpaw what he thinks.Tigerpaw answers that this kit should be taught a lesson.Tigerpaw attacks the kit.But Bluefur stops him,saying the kit has learned his lesson.Tigerpaw becomes a warrior,named Tigerclaw.He is eager for a fight with RiverClan to win sunnigrocks back.He also seems to dislike Bluefur,gaining it from Thisleclaw.At the end of the book,Tigerclaw gets his first apprentice,Ravenpaw.



Goldenflower (formerly) Deceased,  StarClan member

Sasha Status unknown


Pinestar Deceased, confirmed StarClan member


Leopardfoot: Deceased, StarClan member.


Nightkit, Deceased, Suspected StarClan member

Mistkit, Deceased, Suspected StarClan member

Sons: Bramblestar: Living (As of The Last Hope)

Hawkfrost: Deceased, verified Place of no Stars member

Tadpole: Deceased, residence unknown


Mothwing: Living (As of The Last Hope)

Tawnypelt: Living (As of The Last Hope)

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