This page contains a shipping between two male cats. If this offends you, turn away now.
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Male's Clan: Thunderclan
2 Male's Clan: Thunderclan
Male's Name: Thornclaw
2 Male's Name: Ashfur
Status: Non-Canon
ThornXAsh is a fanmade pairing consisting of Thornclaw and Ashfur.
Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

History Edit

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Hints Edit

-When Ashfur was found dead, Thornclaw was the first cat to see Lionblaze and others returning with his body and was pretty shocked.

-He was one of the few who sat vigil with him the whole night, despite not being closely related or apprentice/mentor.

-Thornclaw was the most adamant about attacking Ashfur's suspected murderers, even attempting to lead an attack on Windclan without Firestar's permission.

-At one point, Lionblaze wondered whether Thornclaw could be one of the cats training in the Dark Forest because he was good friends with Ashfur.

-When Hollyleaf returned, Thornclaw was the one who made the connection between her disappearance and Ashfur's death, and was notably more demanding than the others when he confronted her about it.

Proof Edit

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Foming Soon Edit

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Other Names Edit

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Related Shippings Edit

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Theories Edit

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End of Spoiler Warning

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