Theory: Was Leafpool destined to be a warrior?

Theory Creator: Feather
Why I think this: spoiler alert with book from midnight-Sign of the moon

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How this could have been:Edit

--Well, Leafpool always wanted to be a medicine cat when she was younger, but what if Starclan never wanted her to be a medicine cat but since she was so determined she could do it, Starclan let her, saying it was destined to make sure other cats wernt suspisious?

Possible helpers to the path of her being a warrior:Edit


--Either way you go, it seems to always end up starting with Crowfeather. It makes sense since he fell in love with her before she could even think about being with a Windclan cat. Of corse Starclan would make sense to givering her that mate and approving it, even if it didn't seem like it.


--I love Featehrtail, but it just siggests she was a big part of it. She needed to save Crowfeather, so she died for him. But if she wouldnt have died, Crowfeather and Feathertail would have probobly been together and chances are he wouldnt have fallen in love with Leafpool, and then she wouldnt have had three blabber mouth kits that lead to ashfur beign all crazy that lead to teh truth that lead to Leafpool being a Warrior.


--Need I say more? >.<

My own personal conclusion:Edit

Starclan destined for all of this to happen and Starclan thought Leafpool would be happy as a warrior, But when She ended up being depressed and all that fox dung, Starclan wanted to change it but it was too late becuase the Dark forest is rising and Starclan has no power so now Leafypooly is all sad.

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