Theory: Rosetail, Redtail's Mother?

Theory Creator: Paleclaw
Why I think this: Because both Rosetail and Retail have ginger tails, yet they supposedly aren't related

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So, I read that Rosetail has a RED TAIL! But yet Redtail's mother is Swiftbreeze, who's not related to Rosetail as far as Bluestar's Prophecy says. So I got to thinking that maybe Rosetail had Redtail, but her mate was in a different Clan/was a medicine cat, so she had to give Redtail away to a queen that happened to have kits at the time, Swiftbreeze. Maybe her mate was Featherwhisker or Oakheart? She seemed to like Oakheart quite a bit...

Supporting FactsEdit

  • Both Rosetail[1] and Redtail have red/ginger tails
  • Rosetail is not related to Retail's supposed mother, Swiftbreeze, so they couldn't have just both gotten the same gene
  • Rosetail was a Warrior, old enough to have kits at the time Retail was born
  • Rosetail seemed to like Oakheart[2], who's in another Clan, leading to her having to give up her kit

Disproving FactsEdit

  • At the time of Bluestar's Prophecy, Queens didn't have to tell who the father was, so there wouldn't really be reason to give up her kit
  • Swiftbreeze's other daughter, Spottedleaf, is also a tortoiseshell like Redtail, it's unlikely Swiftbreeze just 'happened' to have a kit that looked like Redtail

References and CitationsEdit

  1. Revealed in Bluestar's Prophecy page 47
  2. Revealed in Bluestar's Prophecy page 366

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