This theory has been proven, so it is no longer a theory.

Theory: Is Hollyleaf Alive?

Theory Creator: Leopardclaw
Why I think this: POT, OOTS

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It's a big question.

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This is a big question. Like

Who is the Forgotten Warrior?

Who dies in The Last Hope?

And this one. Is Hollyleaf Dead?

She's Dead - ReasonsEdit

I have some problems with her being alive. 1. Where did she get food? ThunderClan? Some cat would have noticed if a dead cat's scent was around. WindClan? ShadowClan? RiverClan? They would have noticed ThunderClan or an unusual scent and announced it at a gathering. The other Clans are picky about prey stealing. And so are ThunderClan.

2. Are we forgetting that the tunnels flood in the rain? It has DEFINETLY rain since she 'died'. It just seems very unlikely to me that a cat could survive in a tunnel without ever coming out.

She's Alive - ReasonsEdit

A piece of her fur was found by Jayfeather.

She apparently guided the cats out the tunnels.

It is revealed in The Forgotten Warrior that she is alive, and rejoins ThunderClan.

My ConclusionEdit

I think she is Alive because she has gone to star clan and my new theory is that cats have two lives because they can live in star clan as a second life, and of course she isn't dead she's too amazing (my opinion)

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