Why did Ashfur like Squirrelflight? Ashfur was older than Squirrelflight by many moons and he never spent time with Squirrelflight AT ALL during her apprenticeship. He was only interested in her after she came back from the journey. My theory is that Ashfur wanted to be Squirrelflight's mate only because he wanted to get more attention. What do you guys think? -Rainwillow

My answer for the above: Ashfur probably gained much respect for Squirrelpaw after she went on that long journey in Midnight, and finally returned eventually. He was probably very impressed by her loyalty--and what cat wouldn't? If you look carefully, he shows some hints of affection toward her in Dawn. It's not much, but still, so it's not a relationship totally randomly started in Starlight after she and Brambleclaw were fighting like many Warriors fans think. Also, he was really not all that much older than her--Pinestar and Leopardfoot, who became mates for example, were much farther apart in age. Leopardfoot was a kit when Pinestar was still a leader, and from what we know, pretty old as well! About the age of Bluestar when she died, was Pinestar's when Leopardfoot was a kit. At least, that's my best guess. He certaintly wasn't young though, because it's about, maybe a year after the Bluestar's Prophecy start when Pinestar leaves. That is just a guess though. But I think anybody could agree, so I won't keep ranting; that Pinestar was pretty old even at the beginning. It's just a bit obvious, honestly. And, not to mention they are cats. Age doesn't matter to them in mating, at all. --An unregistered user, who just discovered this wiki. :)

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