(I'm new to the wikia, so I'm sorry if my story isn't like the traditional fanfictions on this site)

The Whispering Breeze by Lilacfang, aka LilacstarofShadowclan



"Is she OK?" A dark ginger tom asked the pretty tortoiseshell she-cat. Her smell was enticing, but he couldn't fall for her like every other tom in the clan- he had a mate, and, as of now, kits. "She's fine. But I'm afraid to say one of the kits doesn't look like he will live very long." The she-cat touched his ear with her muzzle. "I give you my sympathy." She padded away, her tail flicking in sadness that she might not be able to save the young tom-kit.

The ginger tom padded into the moonlit nursery and passed several sleeping she-cats: a beautiful white she-cat, a pretty silver tabby, a pale ginger, and an elderly pale ginger tabby. He sighed with happiness as he finally arrived at his panting mate. The slender dark brown tabby she-cat was pushing her kits to her belly with her white paws. "I see the other queens are too tired." He let out a mrrow of amusement. "Yes. I'm ready to go to asleep myself, but I wanted to speak to you first, Swiftfoot." Swiftfoot licked his mate on the ear and sat down beside her. "What have you decided to name them?" He didn't want to bring up what the medicine cat had told them about the tom.

"This is the she-cat," The tabby touched the tortoiseshell with the white tip of her tail. "And this is the tom." She touched the white tom. "Their beautiful," Swiftfoot breathed. "Just like you, Oakheart." Oakheart purred at her mate. "I would like to name the she-cat Birdkit." She mewed. "Because the moment she was born a bird flew over my head." Swiftfoot nodded. "And the tom will be known as Icekit." Swiftfoot said. "Those are wonderful names." Oakheart put down her head and fell asleep as her kits suckled. "Goodnight, Oakheart. I love you." He whispered before falling asleep next to his mate.

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