The Story that will Never be Forgotten.

A comedy fan-fic by Wildbreath



"Guys! We have mail!" Lionblaze yelled. "Who's it from?" Jayfeather said. "Berrynose," Hollyleaf grumbled. "What does he want?" Lionblaze said as he clawed open the card. "You're invited?" Hollyleaf said. Lionblaze opened the card. "To Berrynose and Poppyfrost's wedding?! No way! My first wedding!" Hollyleaf mewed in happiness.

Chapter 1Edit

"C'mon!'" Cinderheart yelled. "Coming!" Mousewhisker yelled. Cinderheart and Mousewhisker are dating. Mousewhisker came padding down the stairs in a tux. When he saw Cinderheart, his jaw dropped wide open. "Cinderheart, you look beautiful," he said. Cinderheart was wearing a jade green dress and high heels. "You do too," Cinderheart mewed. Later, they got in Mousewhisker's gray VW beetle and started driving to the wedding. Along the way, they saw cats punching eachother when they saw Mousewhisker's car.

Chapter 2 Edit

Lionblaze watched as Poppyfrost walked down the isle in a really really really (a million really's later) long dress. Soon, she got to the podium. The preist, Barkface, smiled. "We gather here today for the marriage of Berrynose and-" Barkface was cut off by a screech from the crowd. "YOWL!" It was Daisy! "HELP! I'M GIVING BIRTH!!!!!" she yowled. The medicine cats popped up from their seats and carried Daisy to the she-cat's dirtroom.

A while later Daisy and Mothwing came back from the dirtroom with a tortie tom-kit. "I'M NAMING HIM SOLKIT AFTER HIS DADDY!" Then Jayfeather, Leafpool, and Willowshine came out with each 5 kits in their jaws. Lionblaze almost died at the sight. Then out of nowhere, a kit said, "Daddy? Can I open this jar that says Element 115 on it?" "NOOOO! DON'T DO IT!" some cat yelled. The kit put the jar down.

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