""Kill them, then. You won't hurt me that way. If you really want to hurt me, you'll have to find a better way that that. They are not my kits.""
— Squirrelflight to Ashfur in [[Long Shadows, page 276-278]], page {{{page}}}
Current: ThunderClan
Name: Squirrelflight
Members: Father: Firestar

Mother: Sandstorm Sister: Leafpool Mate: Bramblestar Sons: Alderheart, Juniperkit Daughters: Sparkpelt, Dandelionkit

Foster Sons: Jayfeather, Lionblaze

Foster Daughter: Hollyleaf

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Current: Current Group
Name: Squirrelflight
Squirrelflight is a small, light framed[1]dark ginger she-cat with green eyes,[2]one white paw[3], and a torn ear[4].


In the Super Edition Series... Edit

Firestar's Quest Edit

In the epilogue, she seen when Firestar, her father, and also ThunderClan's leader while in the nursery with her sister Leafkit. She is seen having her eyes closed, and Sandstorm, her mother, agrees with the choices of the names. Firestar agrees to naming her Squirrelkit, for her squirrel-like bushy tail.

In the New Prophecy Series... Edit

Midnight Edit

She is an eight moon old apprentice. Her mentor is Dustpelt. He asks Brambleclaw if he could take her hunting. She is very close to her sister, Leafpaw, who is the medicine cat apprentice.

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