Spottedpelt is a tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes

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Current: Current Group
Name: Spottedpelt


In the Super Editions SeriesEdit

Firestar's QuestEdit

Spottedpelt is first seen as a small kit at a Gathering along with her brother. When Birdflight decides to stay in the forest, Kestelflight offers them a place with ThunderClan. Birdflight thanks him and then stays with ThunderClan as SkyClan leaves the forest.

SkyClan's DestinyEdit

Spottedpelt is seen with her brother touching noses with their mother Birdflight. She is seen again later, along with her brother as warriors. Birdflight introduces them to Cloudstar, their father, saying that even though they lived with ThunderClan as kits, they chose to walked the skies to honor their SkyClan ancestors.

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