Habitat: Gorge with cliffs
Traits: Traits
Current Leader: Leafstar
Previous Leader: Spiderstar
Current Deputy: Sharpclaw
Previous Deputy: Honeyleaf
Medicine Cat
Current Medicine Cat: Echosong, Frecklewish
Previous Medicine Cat: Brackenheart

SkyClan is a clan living away from the other four clans in a gorge. Their clan members have sturdy built legs which allow them to climb and jump long distances. They also climb and hunt in trees, sometimes attacking from a top of them. They are a bit like ThunderClan, mainly eating birds and squirrels. Sols mother said " they can fly into the trees"! Refering to SkyClan's ibilities. Although they can't fly they are exelent jumpers.

Territory Edit

Ancient SkyClan lived in the area in which there are now Twolegplaces and the Treecut Place.[15] Their territory lay downriver from ThunderClan.[15] Their territory was destroyed a long time ago, and little is known about it. Their camp was in a hollow,[16] and a Twoleg Nest was built on it, where now the kittypet Smudge lives.[16] The vantage point for the leader was a branch on a thorn tree,[17]and the fresh-kill pile was under an elderflower bush.[18]

The journey to the new Territory was especially hard.[19] They followed the river upstream,[20] and lots of dangers befell them. One kit fell into the river, and the Clan couldn't do anything while it got swept away. [21] An apprentice strayed away from the main group and got picked by a fox who outran the warriors trying to chase it. [21] An elder lagged behind the Clan, slowing down considerably, leaving stains of blood pawed on the ground. [

Another halted suddenly, and didn't get up again.  It is sure that more dangers had killed them as well.

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