StarClan has decided to reincarnate all the younger cats that have died, so that they can live a life in the forest. Join them, see their life, and watch them grow.

Mosskit's Beginning Edit


Bluestar quietly walked through the starry forest. What will she think about this? She continued walking through the forest, when she stumbled across, Oakheart. "Oakheart," she whispered. He'll think it's a wonderful idea! "Bluestar, it's been awhile. Where are going?" he asked. "Well, StarClan called a meeting where they said they were going to reincarnate all of the younger kits and apprentices." Bluestar told him gently. "So, if my mind reads yours, you're going to see Mosskit," Oakheart teased. "Yes I am. Care to join me?" she asked. She will love this! "Sure," he replied and the two of them padded away to find Mosskit.
As they were trying to find Mosskit, they stumbled across Stonefur, Bluestar's son. "Stonefur!" Bluestar and Oakheart called. "Mother. Father. Where are you going?" Stonefur asked. "StarClan called a meeting where all of the younger cats will get reincarnated. So, we're going to find Mosskit."

More Coming Soon

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