Scourge Rogue
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Current: BloodClan
Past: Kittypet
Name: Kittypet: Tiny

Rogue: Scourge

Leader: Scourge

Members: Father: Jake

Mother: Quince

Sister: Ruby

Brother: Socks

Half-Brother: Firestar

Half-Sister: Princess

Book Appearances
Living: The Darkest Hour, Bluestar's Prophecy, The Rise of Scourge, A Clan in Need, code of the clans, the ultimate guide
Scourge is a small black tom, with one white paw and blue eyes. He wears a tight purple collar studded with cats' and dogs' teeth, and has big, sharp claws reinforced with dogs' teeth.


In the Super Edition series...Edit

Bluestar's Prophecy:Edit

Tigerpaw, Thistleclaw and Bluefur find the small black tom named Tiny on the midst of their territory. He was still a very young and weak kit. As a punishment, Tigerpaw brutally scares Tiny. Thistleclaw approves Tigerpaw's behavior. His life is saved by Bluefur, as the Warrior Code says to spare the life of kits, and Tiny is a kit in Clan terms. After this, Tiny is mentally scared and then, wills revenge.

Tiny is not mentioned afterwards.

In The Manga Series....Edit

The Rise of ScourgeEdit

In the rise of scourge it is in scourge's point of view of him rising up and founding BloodClan.


Scourge has no residence in death.

In Secrets of the Clans, he is accidentally called Blood. Page 65.

He does not believe in StarClan, so he doesn't walk in the Dark Forest.

It's confirmed his father is Jake, making him Princess and Firestar's half-brother.

In the Warriors App, it's revealed he hated the dog teeth on his collar. They smelled awful and pressed against his throat, making it difficult to swallow. He put it up with it, because he knew it made him look more fearsome.

In Cats of the Clans, there were red splotches on his fur, although it was probably blood. Scourge and Bone's page.                                                                                                                                                       Scourge is a fan favorite