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Current: Kittypet
Past: Rogue, RiverClan
Name: Rogue: Sasha

Kittypet: Sasha, Brownie

Queen: Sasha

Members: Mate: Tigerstar

Daughter: Mothwing

Sons: Tadpole, Hawkfrost

Book Appearances
Living: Midnight, Dawn, Into the Woods, Escape from the Forest, Return to the Clans
Sasha is a tawny she-cat with brown, brindle stripes on her legs, brown tipped ears,paws, muzzle, and tail, and bright blue eyes.


Coming Soon


  • She has been mistakeningly shown without brindle stripes on her legs.
  • In Moonrise, Graystripe claimed he saw Sasha at a Gathering. This is a mistake, since in the Tigerstar and Sasha manga, she never attends a Gathering.
  • In a chat with Erin Hunter, it was revealed Sasha was Tigerstar's true love, not Goldenflower.
  • In another chat, Erin revealed she lived as a rogue after leaving RiverClan, then found an elderly Twoleg that feeds her, and gives her affection.

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