"Runningwind is a fine hunter and a loyal warrior, but I don't think he has the patience for mentoring. ThunderClan has better use for his skills."
— Bluestar on Runningwind in Fire and Ice, page 94
Current: ThunderClan[1]
Age: Approx. 45 Moons (3.75 years)[2] at death[3]
Cause of Death
Cause of Death: Killed by Tigerclaw[4]
Residence: StarClan[5]

Apprentice: Warrior:


Runningpaw[7] Runningwind[1]


Mother: Sister:


One-eye Mousefur

Mentor(s): Bluestar[7]
Book Appearances
Living: Bluestar's ProphecyInto the Wild,Fire and IceForest of Secrets,Rising Storm
Dead: The Darkest HourThe Last Hope

Runningwind is a lean,[8] slender,[9] brown[10] tabby tom[1] with a lithe,[11] muscular body.[12]

Spoiler Warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.




In the Super Edition ArcEdit

Bluestar's ProphecyEdit

Runningkit and his sister, Mousekit, are born to White-eyeand Sparrowpelt.
On the day Bluefur's kits are born, he is pushed back by his mother, White-eye, over to their nest, where Mousekit had fallen asleep. Runningkit and Mousekit play with Mosskit,Stonekit, and Mistykit when they get older. He and Mousekit flick snow lumps at them, and then try to look innocent when the three kits stop and complain. White-eye scolds them for doing so.
Before Bluefur escapes with her kits, Runningkit starts twitching in his sleep, and Bluefur hushes her kits until he is still again.
Later on, Stonekit mentions that Runningkit had told him that Thrushpelt was the father of him, Mistykit, and Mosskit.

In the Original ArcEdit

Into the WildEdit

When Runningwind pokes his head out of the warriors denas his Clanmates return home from a Gathering, he notices how upset they are and inquires what the cause of distraught is. He is told that ShadowClan has asked for rights to hunt on ThunderClan land.
After Frostfur's litter is stolen, he is one of the cats who is on the patrol that goes to ShadowClan to bring them back. He is mentioned saying that the task would not be easy but Ashfur says that there is little resistance. In the process of rescuing the kits, he helps drive out Brokenstar and his followers. He gets clawed badly in the battle as he takes on two unnamed ginger warriors. When offered help, he claims he does not need help and manages to continue to fight off the invaders at the end of the battle.

Fire and IceEdit

After a Gathering, Bluestar assigns Runningwind and Dustpaw to a dawn patrol.
The following morning, Whitestorm and Sandpaw accompany them on the dawn patrol. When Fireheart andGraystripe nearly crash into them, Runningwind hisses into Sandpaw's ear that they are going to fetchWindClan after she sneers at them, and Sandpaw's taunts grow into silent curiosity and awe.
When Bluestar chooses Fireheart and Graystripe to be mentors of Frostfur's kits, Tigerclaw disagrees, suggesting Runningwind instead of them. Bluestar replies that while he is a good warrior, he does not yet have the patience to mentor an apprentice.
Graystripe catches a cold and Runningwind is assigned to help train Brackenpaw. He and Fireheart take their apprentices out and begin to show them the different hunting techniques. When Fireheart leaves early saying he is not feeling good, Runningwind comments that he did look off.
Runningwind calls out a greeting to Fireheart when he is sharing tongues with Graystripe, but Fireheart just ignores him.
Runningwind, along with the majority of ThunderClan, has doubts that Cloudkit, Fireheart's kittypet nephew, could ever become a warrior. He says that the Clan has enough to worry about without another kittypet. He complains that the fluffy tom will eat all of the fresh-kill until the next snowfall and then die of the cold.
Runningwind joins in a meal with Graystripe asking if he had a good hunt. When Fireheart asks if he was going to the next Gathering, he eagerly replies that he is. He later comes back from a patrol on the RiverClan border with WillowpeltDarkstripe, and Dustpaw. When Whitestorm's patrol returns with rabbit bones covered in ShadowClan scent, Tigerclaw orders Runningwind, Darkstripe, Willowpelt, and Mousefur to come with him on raiding patrol and they leave before Bluestar returns. However, the patrol is stopped by Brackenpaw, who tells them that the ShadowClan cats are Brokenstar and his rogues. He and Mousefur exchange a glance when they hear that Yellowfang is tending to the former leader's wounds.
One morning, he and Tigerclaw emerge from the warriors' den for the dawn patrol when Onewhisker comes to their camp, saying that WindClan is under attack by ShadowClan and RiverClan. He joins Tigerclaw's patrol, and they go to WindClan territory. They join the battle a few moments after the first ThunderClan patrol enters the battle. He yowls for help when Nightstar, ShadowClan's leader, has him pinned down. Fireheart dashes over to him and together they fight Nightstar until he is beaten. Afterwards, Runningwind congratulates Fireheart, and promises to tell Bluestar about how well he fought.

Forest of SecretsEdit

When Fireheart asks who is ready for a patrol, Runningwind volunteers, along with Graystripe and Sandstorm. He remarks that Whitestorm and Mousefur are foolish to take all of the apprentices out at once. They patrol theRiverClan border, and when Graystripe comments that RiverClan would not be hunting their prey, Runningwind retorts that he would not put anything past them, and that they would steal the fur off their backs if they let them. When they see that the river has thawed and flooded, Runningwind announces with satisfaction that this will keep them from coming to ThunderClan.
Later, during an invasion from ShadowClan and WindClan, he, Willowpelt, and Sandstorm fall back to guard thenursery as the enemy warriors break into their camp.
Just before Cloudkit's apprentice ceremony, he listens as Willowpelt announces that she will be having kits soon. He murmurs a congratulations as Mousefur gives her friend a friendly lick on her ear.
After Tigerclaw's treachery has been revealed and he is exiled, Runningwind wonders, whilst talking to himself, about who the new deputy will be.

Rising StormEdit

As Fireheart struggles to assign patrols for the day, Runningwind awkwardly tells him that Longtail is training with Swiftpaw and could not lead the sunhigh patrol. Fireheart then assigns Runningwind to lead it along with Dustpelt and Darkstripe. When the patrol returns, he tells Fireheart that they scented Cloudpaw nearTwolegplace. Not long after this, he leads Thornpaw out of camp when Fireheart stops him. He tells him that he promised Mousefur that he would teach Thornpaw how to catch squirrels. Fireheart reluctantly lets them go out, though he wants to search for Cloudpaw.
The next morning, an unenthusiastic Runningwind takes Cloudpaw out for hunting at Fireheart's order. Later, he hunts down Fireheart and asks if he has seen Cloudpaw anywhere. When Fireheart responds that he has not, Runningwind angrily tells him that he told Cloudpaw to wait while he washed, but when he had finished, the apprentice had disappeared. He is exasperated when Cloudpaw returns from hunting by himself and watches from the warriors' den as Fireheart scolds him.
Fireheart later assigns him to lead a sunhigh patrol, and also lists his name off as one of the cats who would be going to the Gathering that night.
Runningwind shares prey with Sandstorm a few days later, after she had fought with Fireheart over Cloudpaw. When Fireheart makes amends with Sandstorm, Runningwind does not say a word, but his eyes glow with amusement. He asks sharply what happened to Cloudpaw when Ashpaw came over to them. He frowns when he hears that Cloudpaw had gone to live with Twolegs, remarking that Darkstripe would enjoy the news.
He later goes out on an evening patrol with Mousefur and Thornpaw. Not long after the patrol leaves, Mousefur and Thornpaw return to camp, terrified, explaining to everyone that they were attacked and have no idea where Runningwind is. Fireheart takes a patrol out to the Thunderpath, where the patrol had been, and sees Runningwind's body, lying lifelessly on the Thunderpath, with Whitethroat standing over him, shocked. It is revealed that his patrol was attacked by Tigerclaw and his band of rogues, and that they had killed Runningwind. His body is then brought back to camp and the Clan sits vigil for him.

The Darkest HourEdit

Runningwind makes his first appearance as a member of StarClan.
At Firestar's leader ceremony, he gives Firestar his fourth life, with the gift of tireless energy, to use to carry out the duties of a leader. As the life is given to him, Firestar feels as if he is racing through the forest, able to outrace any enemy forever.
During the battle against BloodClan, Firestar feels Runningwind, lithe and muscular, fighting next to him, along with the other StarClan cats who gave him his nine lives.

In the Omen of the Stars ArcEdit

The Last HopeEdit

During the battle between the Clans and the Dark Forest, he appears with the rest of StarClan makingDovewing jump. Firestar asks if Runningwind is still fast on his paws, and Runningwind confirms that he is. Firestar then sends him with Dustpelt to chase off the invading Dark Forest cats.
Later, Runningwind is introduced by Jayfeather as the cat that gave Firestar the life of tireless energy when the tabby cat comes with StarClan to retrieve Firestar's spirit.

In the Field Guide ArcEdit

Secrets of the ClansEdit

Although he does not formally appear, Runningpaw is mentioned in the Significant Leaders section of ThunderClan, and he is listed as one of Bluestar's apprentices, along with Frostpaw and Firepaw.

Battles of the ClansEdit

Runningwind does not formally appear, but his name is called out by Dustpaw in the fight against ShadowClan to make the enemy think there were more cats than there actually were.

Character PixelsEdit

Please do not edit this gallery [2]Kit Version[3]Apprentice Version[4]Warrior Version[5]StarClan Version




One-eye:[6] Deceased, Verified StarClan member


Halftail:[6] Deceased, Verified StarClan member


Mousefur:[6] Deceased, Verified StarClan member


Halftail   One-eye
Runningwind   Mousefur

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"So it's that simple, is it? We just drop into your camp, snatch the kits, kill your leader, and go home."
—Runningwind to Ashfur of ShadowClan Into the Wild, page 255

"RiverClan isn't going to like this. And a good thing too. It'll keep them off our territory."
—Runningwind commenting on the flooding Forest of Secrets, page 115

"I will avenge your death."
—Fireheart after Runningwind dies Rising Storm, page 194

Firestar: "Runningwind! Are you still fast on your paws?"
Runningwind: "Of course!"
—Runningwind and Firestar's reunion The Last Hope, page 312

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