Rogues are cats that do not live in Clans. They are usually seperated from loners in the fact they are considered more violent.


All over, usually in alleys.


Yellowfang- ShadowClan medicine cat; exiled from ShadowClan by Brokenstar; medicine cat of ThunderClan

Brokenstar-ShadowClan leader; exiled by ShadowClan; ThunderClan prisoner

Tigerstar-Leader of ShadowClan; Deputy of ThunderClan; Exiled from ThunderClan by Bluestar

Scourge-Leader of BloodClan

Bone-deputy of BloodClan

Darkstripe-exiled from ThunderClan by Firestar

Stripes-leader of rogues stealing prey from Tribe of Rushing Water

Sasha- mate of Tigerstar, mother of Mothwing and Hawkfrost

Clawface- joined Brokenstar in exile

Russetfur-joined Brokenstar in exile; ShadowClan deputy when Blackstar was made leder

Blackstar-joined Brokenstar in exile; Current Leader of ShadowClan

Boulder- joined Brokenstar in exile; joined ShadowClan again when Tigerstar was leader

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