Habitat: River banks and shores
Traits: Water Hunting/Fighting, Sleek Fur, Great Swimmers,
Current Leader: Mistystar
Previous Leader: Leopardstar
Current Deputy: Reedwhisker
Previous Deputy: Mistyfoot
Medicine Cat
Current Medicine Cat: Mothwing, Willowshine
Previous Medicine Cat: Mudfur

RiverClan is one of the four clans.

RiverClan CatsEdit

RiverClan cats have the ability to swim, unlike the other Clans. They are known for the amazing skill to fish. RiverClan cats have short, sleek fur, built for swimming. They're also plump, due to eating fish. But other than eating fish, they also eat mice, shrews, and water voles.

RiverClan's current deputy is Reedwhisker, and its current medicine cat is Mothwing.

Below you will see its territory.The blue indacates Riverclan.

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