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Place of No Stars
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Habitat: Marshy, boggy ground.
Traits: Dark, Gloomy,
Current Leader: (none)
Previous Leader: (none)
Current Deputy: (none)
Previous Deputy: (none)
Medicine Cat
Current Medicine Cat: (none)
Previous Medicine Cat: (none)

The Place of No Stars is a place where cats that have commited great crimes against the warrior code go. It is also known as the Dark Forest.


The Place of No Stars is the opposite of StarClan. It is gloomy, cold, and damp. Glowing fungus hanging on trees and on the ground are the only source of light. There is no prey there, yet there is no hunger. Cats are supposed to walk alone, though Tigerstar seems to have overcome this. There is a wall of mist, seperating it from StarClan. StarClan cats risk getting lost in the Dark Forest if they visit.


Here are the known cats that reside in Dark Forest:

  • Snowtuft
  • Sparrowfeather
  • Maggottail
  • Silverhawk
  • Unnamed brown tom