Current: Current Group
Name: Onestar

Onestar is a small, lithe, motted light brown tabby tom with a white muzzle

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.


Firestar's Quest

At the Gathering, Tallstar reports that Onewhisker and WindClan's deputy, Mudclaw, had chased a fox off the moors, which seemed to prefer WindClan's territory than woodland. When the Gathering concludes, Firestar, who wants to visit the Moonstone to speak with StarClan, does not leave with the rest of ThunderClan, but instead waits until the clearing is empty before following WindClan and meeting the cat bringing up the rear of the Gathering patrol: Onewhisker. Firestar asks Onewhisker if he may travel to Highstones, in which Onewhisker agrees to let Firestar travel, asking if there is any trouble. Shortly after, Firestar says goodbye to Onewhisker and his Clan after they reach their camp. Later, when Firestar and his mate, Sandstorm begin their journey to restore SkyClan, Onewhisker is with Mudclaw, hunting rabbits. Recognizing Onewhisker's voice, Firestar listens to the conversation as Onewhisker says he can smell ThunderClan scent, but cannot see any cats. Mudclaw says if any cats set paw on their territory, they'll be sorry, but Onewhisker says it's probably some cat on their way to Highstones, to which Mudclaw snarls that whoever it was, they weren't on their way to Highstones, and he calls Onewhisker a mouse-brain for thinking of such a thing. Coming Soon

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