Current: Current Group
Name: Oakheart
Oakheart is a reddish brown tom with amber eyes.


Bluestar's ProphecyEdit

In the prolouge when Bluestar is drowning in the river,Oakheart tells her to keep swimming and her kits are waiting for her.

At a gathering he is mentioned by Hailstar.Oakheart was chased put of ThunderClan territory by Bluefur when he was sunning himself at sunningrocks.He is spat insults by Bluefur.They start fighting.Oakheart throws Bluefur in the river.He tells her to stand up when she is "drowning" in the shallow part of the river.Later,when ThunderClan ask RiverClan for sunningrocks back,Oakheart tells Bluefur to met him the next day at moonhigh at fourtrees.The next day at fourtrees,Bluefur challenges to race at the top of one of the trees.Oakheart says he dose not know how to climb trees.Bluefur shows him how to climb trees.They climb one of the trees.He vows Bluefur to teach her how to swim,but she shows no intrest.They build a nest.They both fall asleep.Then,Bluefur has their kits,Mistykit,Mosskit and Stonekit.Later,Oakheart tries to convice Bluefur to join RiverClan,or let him join ThunderClan.Bluefur refuses to. Later,Bluefur decides to giver her kits to Oakheart,so she can be deputy of ThunderClan.She takes the kits to sunningrocks,to give them to Oakheart.Mosskit sadly dies,and Oakheart takes Mistykit and Stonekit. After that,Oakheart and Bluefur never speak again.

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