The Nursery is a den in all Clan camps. It is home to all the nursing queens and their kits.


The nursery is often described as being dimly-lit, due to the thick covering of brambles, leaves and twigs tightly woven together to create the nursery's walls and roof. It is filled with the warm scent of the queens' milk and young kits, and is often the source of mewling and squeaking in the average forest Clan camp.


  • Once all of a young queen's kits have been apprenticed, she may leave the nursery and return to her usual warrior duties.
  • Kits must stay in the nursery until they are at least six moons old. If they are trained before that time, the kits have a good chance of dying at battle training.
  • An elderly queen (i.e. Goldenflower, Daisy) might not choose to leave the nursery after her kits have become apprentices.


Queens Who Left The Nursery After Kits Were ApprenticedEdit

Queens Who Did Not Leave Nursery After Kits Were ApprenticedEdit

Queens Who Partly Left Nursery Before Kits Were ApprenticedEdit

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