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Name: Mosskit

Mosskit is a sleek white she-cat with gray patches and blue eyes

In the Super Edition Series.... Edit

Bluestar's Prophecy Edit

Mosskit is born to Bluefur of ThunderClan and Oakheart of RiverClan in leaf-bare, although many clanmates think Thrushpelt is their true father. Mosskit was often seen playing with her littermates in the snow, Mistykit and Stonekit. Runningkit and Mousekit flick snow clumps at them, but deny it when they complain.

Later, Bluefur brings her and her siblings to RiverClan territory through the snow to deliever them to Oakheart. At first, Bluefur tells her kits that it's all a game, but the weather worsens and puts the kits in danger. Bluefur tries to warm them by making holes in the snow on the way to RiverClan. Mosskit seems to walk slower and tiredly, different from the pace of her siblings. Stonekit complains on being tired, so Bluefur settles into one of the holes she had made. Mosskit is the first to fall asleep. Bluefur tries to wake Mosskit, but fails. She later hears Snowfur say that it was Mosskit's time. She is in disbelief but then sees Snowfur walking with Mosskit.

Bluefur buries Mosskit, saying she couldn't let the foxes get her.

Mosskit is seen later, Giving Bluestar a life in her leadership ceremony. She gives Bluestar the gift of trust. Bluestar apologizes for her kit's death, Mosskit replies that she understands and misses her.

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