All about medicine cats and and what they do.

Role in the ClansEdit

The medicine cat has a very important role of healing and interpreting signs. Without them, the Clans would have not as much connection and/or faith in StarClan. Edit


Spottedleaf was a medicine cat, mixed fur colors like gold, brown, white, and black. She was Firestar's supposed first love, and guided him throughout his journeys.

When she first died, Firestar (firepaw, then) was heartbroken. He realized that he loved her, and his grief was always with him, a constant reminder of Clawface's killing her in cold blood.

Then, when she died in The Last Hope, and went to nothingness, he was devastated. She had saved Sandstorm from Mapleshade's viscous claws, but payed the ultimate price. Sandstorm was very grateful for her sacrifice to save her.


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