A Medicine Cat is a special member of the Clan. As the title suggests, medicine cats treat sick or injured cats with a wide variety of flowers, leaves, seeds and roots, categorized as "herbs". Medicine cats are respected Clan cats and no cat dares argue with them.


  • Recieve omens and signs in their dreams which may shape the future of their Clan, or sometimes all the Clans.
  • Treat sick and injured cats, their Clanmates and sometimes cats from rival Clans alike.
  • Medicine cats are the only members of the Clan that are not able to take mates or have kits inside Clan law.
  • Train young cats interested in healing to become the next medicine cat.
  • Assist queens giving birth to kits.


Once a kit reaches its sixth moon, it has the choice of becoming a warrior or medicine cat. Choosing to become a medicine cat, a kit will have a regular naming ceremony, recieving its new apprentice name with "-paw" as the suffix. The medicine cat will touch noses with his/her new apprentice, then take him or her to the medicine den and show them around the sleeping areas and storage cave, where gathered herbs are stored until needed. The full medicine cat will show his/her new apprentice some basic herbs, then take him/her herb gathering in the forest. It is considered exciting by a medicine cat apprentice the first time he/she helps to treat a cat.

The apprentice will accompany the medicine cat to the Moonstone or Moonpool at the night of half-moon from now on to meet the other medicine cats in peace and share dreams with StarClan together.

Once a medicine cat apprentice is experienced enough, at the next half-moon, at the Moonstone/Moonpool meeting, the medicine cat will perform a special medicine cat ceremony in front of the medicine cats and medicine cat apprentices from rival Clans, giving their apprentice a partly new name (i.e. when Leafpool of ThunderClan gave her apprentice, Jaypaw, the name of Jayfeather, or when Barkface of WindClan gave his apprentice, Kestrelpaw, the name of Kestrelflight). The fully-named medicine cat apprentice will stay in the rank of "medicine cat apprentice" until his/her medicine mentor dies and goes to join StarClan.

List Of Medicine Cats & Their ApprenticesEdit



  • Brambleberry
  • Mothwing
  • Willowshine
  • Mudfur
  • Milkfur


  • Barkface
  • Kestrelflight
  • Hawkheart
  • mamamamclaw


Feel free to add onto these lists.

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