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Habitat: Various areas around Clans
Traits: Not very violent usually,
Current Leader: none
Previous Leader: none
Current Deputy: none
Previous Deputy: none
Medicine Cat
Current Medicine Cat: none
Previous Medicine Cat: none
Loners are cats that do not belong to Clans, yet are not kittypets. They are considered more peaceful than rogues.


Barley's farm is the territory for Ravenpaw and Barley. Usually, they claim an area around the Clans' territories.


1. Ravenpaw - Left ThunderClan in fear of Tigerstar, and now lives with Barley.

2. Barley - Ex- BloodClan cat, lives in an abandoned farm.

3. Ice and Snake - Barley's brothers, Ex-BloodClan, lived with Ravenpaw and Barley for a while, bossing them around.

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