Current: Current Group
Name: Leafpool
Members: Father: Firestar

Mother: Sandstorm

Sister: Squirrelflight

Mate: Crowfeather(formerly)

Sons: Jayfeather Lionblaze

Daughter: Hollyleaf

Mentor(s): Cinderpelt
Apprentice(s): Jayfeather, Alderheart

Leafpool is a beautiful brown tabby she-cat with a clear white chest and pretty amber eyes.

Firestar's Quest

Leafkit and her sister, Squirrelkit, are born in the last chapter of Firestar's Quest. He remarks he can't believe how beautiful they are. Leafkit is named after Leafstar of SkyClan, and Spottedleaf, a significant medicine cat of ThunderClan who died long before Leafkit is born.


Leafpaw is a medicine cat apprentice, training under her mentor Cinderpelt. She is very different from her sister, Squirrelpaw. She is quiet, reserved, and attentive, while Squirrelpaw is chatty, energetic and doesn't pay much attention. However they have a connection so that they can sense each other's feelings. Leafpaw is also amazingly intelligent beyond her age. She's very perceptive and thinks before she acts, unlike other apprentices her age, setting her and her sister Squirrelpaw apart.