Leader is a warrior with the highest rank in the Clan. They have their own den and have a deputy to serve with them. All leaders have -star at the end of their names when they become leader (Ex. when Sunfall travelled to the Moonstone to recieve his nine lives from StarClan and became Sunstar).

The previous leader dies and the deputy takes over

The leader and deputy are dead and is chosen to lead


A leader must have done these to be a leader and/or deputy

  • Mentored at least 1 apprentice
  • Has been a warrior when chosen as deputy
  • The previous leader must be dead, banished or retired to take over leadership
  • The warrior must have been deputy when the leader died, was banished or retired.

Nine LivesEdit

When a deputy becomes a leader, they must go through their Nine Lives Ceremony. Deceased StarClan members will grant them nine lives. The deputy gets the suffix -star and then have 8 more lives in front of their mere 1. Until they die, they have 9 lives to lose. Each time a leader loses a life, a ghostly verson of themselves enters StarClan but cannot hear or communicate until the last life reaches StarClan.

New leaderEdit

Usually leaders stay leaders until they die. But there are some exceptions for them to go out of their leadership rank-


Clan leaders can retire to the elders den if they wish. This action is to be approved by StarClan and then the deputy becomes leader. If they wish to retire, the leader must lose their -star suffix and the lives given by StarClan.

The leader would go to the moonstone/moonpool and get their name taken away as well as their remaining lives leaving one. His/her deputy will become leader.


A clan can banish a leader such as ShadowClan to Brokenstar if they feel they are hurting the clan too much. StarClan does not approve of this action. A new leader cannot get nine lives until the banished leader is dead.


A leader must take charge in the daily activities such as warriors. Tasks include-

  • Organizing patrols
  • Speaking on the behalf of the clan at Gatherings
  • Decide if non-clan members can join the clan (eg. Bluestar allowing Rusty to join Thunderclan in Into the Wild)
  • Exile cats when needed
  • Lead the clan through battles
  • Appoint apprentices, warriors and elders

List of known leadersEdit


  • Thunder
  • Owlstar
  • Whitestar
  • Owlstar
  • Finchstar
  • Lionstar
  • Vinestar
  • Morningstar
  • Redstar
  • Pinestar
  • Sunstar
  • Bluestar
  • Firestar




SkyClan (Ancient)Edit

SkyClan (Modern)Edit

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