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Habitat: Twolegplace
Traits: Fat and lazy,usually
Current Leader: Leader
Previous Leader: Leader
Current Deputy: Deputy
Previous Deputy: Deputy
Medicine Cat
Current Medicine Cat: Medicine Cat
Previous Medicine Cat: Medicine Cat
Kittypets are cats that are owned by Twolegs,or humans.


Twolegplace, in thier gardens. It's very rare for kittypets to stray to the forest, for they believe the Clan cats are violent, blood-thirsty cats.


Usually plump, or fat, and lazy. Sometimes, they are fixed, ( Neutered or spayed), and so can't mate, so they can't join the Clans.

Kittypets, Current and PastEdit

Smudge - Firestar's friend

Rusty - Firestar's kittypet name

Cloudtail - Firestar's nephew, born a kittypet, taken by Twolegs later as an apprentice,

Princess - Firestar's sister, Cloudtail's mother

Henry - Old tom that lived around Rusty and Smudge

Purdy - He led the six cats out of Twolegplace on their quest

Hattie - Lives in Firestar's old home after he left

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