"I hate being blind. I wish I had never been born!"
— Jaykit to Leafpool in The Sight, page 36

Jayfeather is a gray tabby tom with blind, brilliant blue eyes and a scar on his flank.

Current: Current Group
In Order Jaykit

Jaypaw Jayfeather

Mentor(s): Leafpool (medicine) Brightheart (warrior)
Apprentice(s): Alderheart
Preceded by: Leafpool
Succeeded by: Alderheart


Power of ThreeEdit

  1. Jaykit goes fox-hunting with his brother and sister, Lionkit and Hollykit. It is not clear if he can see at this point, but by the end of the 2nd chapter, he is obviously blind, because he fell over the side of ledge in the hollow. His mother is thought to be Squirellflight, although her milk never came, so Ferncloud nursed him and his siblings until her kits came. He wants to be a warrior even though he is blind, and he can tell what others are thinking. He soon gives up on being a warrior, and becomes Leafpool's apprentice.​​




Jay x Purdy

Jay x Poppy

Jay x Cinder

Jay x Half

Jay x Briar

Family Edit

Parents(Adoptive)- Squirrelflight & Brambleclaw

Parents(Biological)- Leafpool & Crowfeather

Sister- Hollyleaf

Brother- Lionblaze

Half Brother- Breezepelt

Aunt- Squirrelflight

Uncle- Brambleclaw

Grandparents- Firestar, Sandstorm, Ashfoot, Unknown Grandfather

Cousins- Alderheart and Sparkpelt