Current: unknown
Past: Kittypet, loner
Name: Jake
Members: Mates: Nutmeg, Quince

Daughters: Princess, Ruby, Unnamed kits Sons: Scourge, Firestar, Socks Brothers: Ferris, Whiskers Mother: Crystal Father: Mocha

Jake is a plump ginger tom with soft fur.[1]


In the Super Edition Series... Edit

Bluestar's ProphecyEdit

In the Manga Series...Edit

Coming Soon

The Rise of ScourgeEdit


On her Facebook page, Vicky stated Jake was killed when he was struck by a meteorite while sitting on a fence. It's likely she was joking, though.


Mates: Quince, Living ( Confirmed by Erin Hunter), Nutmeg

Sons: Socks, Scourge, Firestar

Daughters: Princess, Ruby, unnamed kits

Mother: Crystal[1]

Father: Mocha[1]

Brothers: Ferris, Whiskers[1]

References and CitationsEdit

  1. Revealed in Bluestar's Prophecy, page 196
  1. Revealed in Pinestar's Choice

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