""This fight is far from over!""
— Hawkfur to Stonetail in [[Code of the Clans, page 14]], page {{{page}}}

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Current: Current Group
Name: Hawkfur
Hawkfur is a black tom.

In the Field Guide Series... Edit

Code of the Clans Edit

Hawkfur is an ancient WindClan warrior.

He is a very minor character, appearing in the battle between WindClan and RiverClan. Ryewhisker, when running, crashes into Hawkfur because of a sudden halt. When the clans begin to fight again, Hawkfur targets Cloudberry, Ryewhisker's forbidden mate. Ryewhisker stops Hawkfur from hurting Cloudberry, saying that he'd never let anything happen to his kits. He is in disbelief when he hears this, asking if it was true.

He is not seen after this.

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