""Until next Gathering, May StarClan walk your path.""
— Emberstar in [[Code of the Clans, page 23]], page {{{page}}}
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Current: Current Group
Name: Emberstar
Emberstar is a tom[1] with an unknown description.


In the Field Guide Series...Edit

Code of the Clans Edit

Emberstar is first mentioned with Cloudberry is discussing her kits. Ryewhisker states that Emberstar, her father, would be fine for his daughter to have half-clan kits, for his best friend is a ThunderClan warrior named Thistletail and he's let Cloudberry meet with Ryewhisker before.

Later, at the battle with WindClan, he is seen when Ryewhisker was killed defending Cloudberry. All five leaders, Including Emberstar, agree to add another rule to the Warrior Code - "Defend you clan, even with your life. You may have friendships with other clans but your loyalty must remain to your clan."

He is also seen at a Gathering, when the second rule is made : "Do not hunt or trespass on another clan's territory." He is not seen after this.

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