""Though I doubt any peace will hold even for one night, let us try and see what it brings.""
— Duststar in [[Code of the Clans, page 17-18]], page {{{page}}}
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Current: Current Group
Name: Duststar

Duststar is a tom[1] with an unknown description.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.


Code of the ClansEdit

Duststar is an ancient WindClan leader.
Duststar leads the battle against RiverClan, because WindClan is thought to be stealing fish. A WindClan warrior, Ryewhisker, is killed during this battle. Duststar creates the rule that A cat must remain loyal to their clan, they may have friendships with other clans but their loyalty must remain to their clan.
Also, when Birchstar suggests a truce, which turns into the modern day Gathering, he strongly inputs the idea. He is seen being very wise. He, along with the other leaders, establish a strong feeling for the Warrior code for many seasons to come.

End of Spoiler Warning

References and CitationsEdit

  1. Revealed in Code of the Clans, page 15

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