Dawn of the Clans,is the first book in the series,sign of the stars.It is written by Moonstar.


A small blue gray kit ran towards a large tree.Looking up,she saw a large squirrel.The kit wanted to catch it,but she couldn't climb trees.Suddenly,a tortishell she-cat came out of the bushes.

"Bluekit!"She spat."What are you doing out of the nuresy?"

"I was really bored!"Bluekit mewed."I wanted to go exploring,Moonflower!"

Moonflower laughed as she picked Bluekit up.She carried her towards a small,tunell and brought inside.Inside,there was a brown she-cat sleeping with two small kits.

"Mother!"Wailed a voice.

"Quit Snowkit."Moonflower meowed calmy.

She put Bluekit down slowly.Bluekit ran towards Snowkit.She leaped on her.

"Bluekit!"Snowkit yowled as her sister bit her tail."I don't want to play!"

"Fine."Bluekit rolled her eyes.

"You two should be going to bed."Moonflower sighed.

"But we can't sleep!"Bluekit wailed.

"Tell us a story!"Snowkit mewed."Please?"

Moonflower stared at her kits for a few heartbeats.Then she mewed,"Ok.Sit down and lay down."

The two sisters layed down.

"Now,"Moonflower began."Have I ever told you the story off how ThunderClan was formed?"

"No."Bluekit and Snowkit answered.

"Well get comfortable.This is goof to take awhile."Moonflower mewed softly.

"Six hunddred moons ago,"Moonflower begun,"There small groups of cats,"And the story of the Clans began.

Chapter 1Edit

Everything was dark.Thunder could smell a cat nearby.As he walked out from behind the tree,he saw his sister,Twilight,carriying a mouse in her jaws.

"There you are!"Twilight hissed."Where were you?Mother is going to have her kit!"

"I was hunting,Twilight."Thunder repiled,annoyed.

Twilight roled her eyes."Well,come on!"

Thunder followed his sister threw the trees,and finally found his family in front of Sunning Rocks.He lived with his mother and father,Vesta and Lighting.Two tiny kits were curled beside Vesta.She looked up.

"We came up with some names for the kits!"She mewed exiedly."The dark gray one is Storm,and the gray and white one is Rainbow."

Thunder looked at his two new siblings.Suddenly,a brown she-cat apprened from behind one of the rocks.She was with five other cats,they all looked hungry and tired.

"Get out of here!"The she-cat hissed."Or you will die!"

"But we just got here!"Lighting spat."We live here now!"

The she-cat laughed.Then her face turned harsh."Kill them."She odered the other cats.

The cats crounched ready to attack.Thunder grabbed one of the kits and hissed,"Run!We are no match for them!"

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