Current: Place of No Stars
Past: ThunderClan, Rogue
Residence: Dark Forest
Name: Darkstripe
Mentor(s): Tigerstar

Darkstripe is a sleek, lithe, large, dark gray-black tabby tom with dark black stripes and yellow eyes.

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In the Original SeriesEdit

Into the WildEdit

When the young kittypet Rusty, comes to join the Clan, Darkstripe only grudgingly agrees with his leader's decision to make the young cat an apprentice of ThunderClan by the name of Firepaw.

When Redtail is killed in the battle at Sunningrocks, Darkstripe is appointed Dustpaw's new mentor.

When Graypaw says Spottedleaf was young and pretty, he then states that Darkstripe is neither young, nor pretty, when Firepaw directs his attention to Darkstripe. Although Darkstripe is near the apprentices, he doesn't pick up on the comment Graypaw makes.

When Tigerclaw was made deputy, he decides that Bluestar needed more protection, and appoints Darkstripe and Longtail as her body guards. He, Longtail, and Tigerclaw then begin to spread rumors about Tigerclaw's apprentice, Ravenpaw, because Ravenpaw saw Tigerclaw kill Redtail, the old ThunderClan deputy.

When Firepaw is told by Yellowfang to roll in garlic to help his rat bites, Darkstripe sees him and asks what he is doing. Firepaw explains, and Darkstripe tells not to take orders from a rogue before stalking away. Firepaw then leaves, going back to camp, and mocks Darkstripe under his breath by calling him "Dirtstripe".

Firepaw later hears Tigerclaw telling Darkstripe that Ravenpaw is a traitor and that he alerted ShadowClan to attack ThunderClan. He is also on the patrol that raids the ShadowClan camp in search for the missing kits.

Fire and IceEdit

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Forest of SecretsEdit

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Rising StormEdit

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A Dangerous PathEdit

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The Darkest HourEdit

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In the New Prophecy SeriesEdit


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In the Omen of the Stars SeriesEdit

Fading EchoesEdit

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Night WhispersEdit

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In the Field Guide SeriesEdit

Code of the ClansEdit

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Battles of the ClansEdit

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