""Ryewhisker, you can't do this! We have to fight our own battles!""
— Cloudberry to Ryewhisker as he protects her from his Clanmate in [[Code of the Clans, page 15]], page {{{page}}}
Current: Current Group
Name: Cloudberry

Cloudberry is a sleek, thick furred dark gray she-cat with blue eyes.[1]

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.


Code of the ClansEdit

Cloudberry is first seen with her WindClan mate Ryewhisker. They are arguing about racing and swimming. Ryewhisker asks Cloudberry if their kits would be able to run swiftly and swim fast. Cloudberry seems surprised that Ryewhisker already knew she was expecting kits and tells him that she was going to tell him first, but she didn't know how he would feel about having RiverClan kits. Ryewhisker points out to her they would be both RiverClan and WindClan kits, but most importantly their kits. Ryewhisker then thinks of the kits, positive that they would bring peace to WindClan and RiverClan.
After that, WindClan and RiverClan fight. Hawkfur fights Cloudberry, but Ryewhisker stops his Clanmates, refusing him to hurt the kits Cloudberry was carrying. A RiverClan warrior then attacks Ryewhisker, killing him. Duststar, the WindClan leader, calls a Gathering that night. All five Clans come and hear what Duststar has to stay. The WindClan leader annouces that from now on, there could be no friendship with other Clans to try and prevent this from happening again. The five leaders agree, and the first code is added to the Warrior Code.



Ryewhisker:[2] Deceased, Suspected StarClan member


Unknown kits:[3] Deceased, Suspected StarClan members


Emberstar:[4] Deceased, Suspected StarClan member

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