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Name: Cinderheart

Cinderheart is a dappled,[1] gray tabby she-cat[2] with dark[3] blue eyes.[4]

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In the New Prophecy SeriesEdit


Not named at the time, Cinderkit, along with her three siblings, Poppykit, Honeykit, and Molekit, are born to Brackenfur and Sorreltail as the first litter in ThunderClan to be born by the lake.


Cinderpelt, who had died during her mother's kitting while she attempted to save Cinderkit and her siblings from a badger. Leafpool, who was Cinderpelt's apprentice and the new medicine cat, thinks that it is a wonderful name. Cinderkit is said to look exactly like Cinderpelt, with the same gray coat and blue eyes.

In the Power of Three SeriesEdit

The SightEdit

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Dark RiverEdit

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Long ShadowsEdit

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In the Omen of the Stars SeriesEdit

The Fourth ApprenticeEdit

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Fading EchoesEdit

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Night WhispersEdit

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Sign of the MoonEdit

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Character PixelsEdit


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References and CitationsEdit

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