BloodClan is a dangerous group of rouges, who lived in the Twolegplace. They were brutal and harsh cats, living under Scourge's laws and orders. This Clan was unofficial, since it didn't follow the warrior code.

Habitat: Twolegplace
Traits: Bloodthirsty, violent
Current Leader: Leader
Previous Leader: Leader
Current Deputy: Deputy
Previous Deputy: Deputy
Medicine Cat
Current Medicine Cat: Medicine Cat
Previous Medicine Cat: Medicine Cat
Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

BloodClan Cats Edit

BloodClan cats eat whatever they come across, whether it be garbage or mice. They are fierce in battles, and never hesitate to kill a cat. They do not have a Medicine Cat or elders; as any cats who cannot hunt or fight for themselves are left to perish. BloodClan was established by Scourge, and he was the leader of it, until he was killed by Firestar, so Ice and Snake took over for a very short time afterwards.

Cats are established to live on their own, and living in family groups is forbidden, for Scourge feared they would gang up and overtake him. Mothers train their kits, teaching them how to hunt and fight, at the age of 12 moons kits will leave their mothers so they must rely on Scourge and Bone.

Most of the cats wear collars impaled with cat and dog teeth, some BloodClan cats who are high in rank in Scourge's guard have their claws reinforced with dogs' teeth.

Barley, a former member of BloodClan, tells Firestar that Scourge's most powerful weakness is his disbelief in StarClan. Scourge cannot get his nine lives, therefore powerless when killed.

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