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"Are you proud of me?"
— Badgerpaw to Flintfang in Code of the Clans, page 56
Current: ShadowClan
Apprentice: Badgerpaw[1]
Mother: Fernshade
Mentor(s): Flintfang[1]
Book Appearances
Living: Code of the Clans
Yellowfang's Secret}}

Badgerpaw is a little black-and-white tom with soft, fluffy fur.[1]


In the Field Guide SeriesEdit

Code of the ClansEdit

Badgerpaw is a 3 moon old apprentice at the time of Brokenstar's leadership. Brokenstar had forced kits to become apprentice at very early ages, breaking the warrior code.
He fought in the battle between WindClan and ShadowClan, when ShadowClan drove them out of the forest in hopes of using WindClan's territory as their own hunting grounds to feed their growing Clan. A WindClan warrior had fought him, fatally wounding him, and rendering him unconscious. His mentor, Flintfang, came to his rescue and dragged him aside from the battle.
As he gained consciousness, he asks Flintfang if he was good enough. He also expressed his hope that Brokenstar and his mother, Fernshade, were proud of him. After Flintfang reassures him that Fernshade be very proud, Badgerpaw asks if he was proud, and if Flintfang would be alright without him.
Before he dies, he asks if he'll be a warrior in StarClan. After Flintfang confirms they will, he asks what his warrior name will be. He wishes for it to be Badgerfang, after Flintfang, because he was such a great mentor. Flintfang replies that it would be an honor, and Badgerpaw lets out his last breath and dies.
Flintfang vows to always honor the warrior code and never train an underage apprentice again.




As Badgerpaw's mother, he wanted to make her proud by being a good warrior, even at his young age. In his last moments, he commented how he hopes she was proud of him.[2]



Badgerpaw was especially close to his mentor, learning everything he could from him, and and striving to do his best at what he was taught. He showed worry as he was dying about leaving, asking if Flintfang would be alright without him. In his very last moments, he voiced his wish for his warrior name to be Badgerfang in StarClan, in honor of his mentor.[3]


Badgerpaw showed much respect for his leader, and obediently followed him into battle despite being too small to fight. Ignorant of Brokenstar's dark ambitions, he looked up to him and hoped to make him proud.[4]



Fernshade:[2] Deceased, Verified StarClan member

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References and CitationsEdit

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